Photo Retouch



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Intensive Stain Removal

In this tutorial learnIn this tutorial, we will learn how to remove intensive stains from old photos using Dust and Scratches Filter, the Stamp Clone tool , and one simple noise texture.


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Removing Dust and Scratches

In this tutorial, it will how reduce major scratches with the Curves Tool , fix minor flaws with Dust and Scratch filter, replace missing and faded parts..



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Hand Coloring Image

In this tutorial we’ll be showing how to add color to Black and White Image by using Adjustment Layers


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Portrait Restoration

In this tutorial we're going to show how to restore heavily damaged photograph with missing parts.


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Color Correction

In this step by step proces wee’ll be showing how to correct most common digital photography problems.

We will learn how to use different Selection photoshop tools depend on the kind of task you are working wit