Fashion & Beauty Retouching.

Our rough price is $20 per hour
Time of editing depends on many factors such as:

- the size of the image;
- the purpose of editing (for web or print);
- special requirements (high end, creative task or base editing) - quality of the initial image.

Each of the factors affect the price and any fixed prices are unfair.

Basic retouching take about 1 hour.
Also provide discounts for wholesale projects

Please contact us if it will seem to you we can be useful.
We shall provide you with more detailed the price proposal.

Our image editing process includes

in-depth retouching: contrast, sharpness adjustmen; color correction;

- bring emphasis to the eyes; give skin the fashion magazine look.

- fix hair styles,remove distracting hair strings, remove bags and lines from around the eyes, fix eyebrows and eyelashes.

Typical turnaround time is 5-10 business days.

Since our goal is to provide high-quality restoration at a fair price, please contact us before payment.

We will provide you with detailed information about your order.


Fashion & Beauty Retouching.

Typical Price: $25 USD per image



Photo Restoration :

Light Restoration



Typical Price: $5 USD per image



Medium Restoration:


Typical Price: $15 USDper image



Heavy Restoration:



Typical Price: $30 USD per image




Advanced Photo Restoration :


Typical Price: $60 USD per image

Typical Price: $90 USD per image